The ideal sectors

In the heart of French Switzerland a shopping area dedicated to Italian and Swiss excellence.

The shopping area in the heart of Neuchatel, one of the major Swiss cities, changes its face and looks to Italy to realize in the heart of Europe a place of shopping for cosmopolitan clients. Les Galéries Marval offers Italian businesses the opportunity to sell their excellent  products internationally.

A shopping area dedicated to mass product luxury
For the creation of a sophisticated and accessible shopping area dedicated to a target as broad as refined, Les Galéries Marval aims, strategically, at products and brands that are positioned in the growing sector of the mass product luxury  that now broadens the concept of luxury goods and the related market

Fashion and gastronomy: Italian excellence finds spaces in Switzerland
The new Les Galéries Marval. starts from Italy: the refined shopping area set in the heart of Neuchatel aims at the most important sectors of "made in Italy" to realize an ambitious commercial project where Italian excellence will be the protagonists in the heart of Switzerland.

The best Italian brands of clothing and food will find the right place in the premises of Les Galéries Marval where the opening of an outlet can offer an extraordinary commercial as well as export opportunity.

The vitality of Neuchatel, tourist destination, business centre, and university city, in the heart of Europe, together with the location of the Les Galéries Marval. in the historic  city centre in a worldwide known building, will be the ideal conditions to open an outlet. The shop will be able to ensure not only commercial success but also an international showcase for the diffusion of you brand.