Why Neuchatel, Why Switzerland?

The charming city of Neuchatel is situated in the heart of Europe. Characterised by its hospitality, wealth, history and technology this beautiful canton would be financially beneficial to any business looking for a secure investment opportunity.

French culture and Swiss technology are the two souls  of Neuchatel, capital of its namesake canton and the fourth largest city within French speaking Switzerland. Strategically placed, its romantic location overlooks the largest lake in the country.

The Italian community is very important here and has become socially and culturally integrated locally, permitting a sense of a true "home away from home".

As you stroll through its streets you cannot help but be seduced by the French charm of Neuchatel. This is thanks to the classical architecture, the French speaking population and the culture of a dynamic city that offers not only wonderful attractions but also an excellent quality of life / experience to residents and tourists alike.

In Neuchatel Swiss technology surpasses itself, situated as it is at the centre of  Watch Valley (an area renowned worldwide for its highly prestigious watchmaking industry).

Neuchatel entices you with the aromas and flavours of  its locally produced fine wines and famous cheeses and leaves you seduced by the majesty of its monuments and the beauty of its landscape.

All this contributes to the appeal of Neuchatel, a rich, vibrant city set within a wonderful natural landscape that is enhanced by the largely preserved medieval architecture. With its many qualities Neuchatel serves as a point of reference for the entire region, not only is it a destination point for luxury tourism but it also operates as a bustling industrial and commercial hub.